Why Should I Get My Oil Changed?

Ford makes a wide range of vehicles, from the Ford Escape to the Ford Expedition to the Ford F-150 and more. However, no matter which Ford you choose, they all have one thing in common: they all need their oil changed at regular intervals. You might be wondering just why you need to have your oil changed. Here is a quick rundown of oil changes are so important:

The engine in your Ford is composed of many different moving parts. All of those moving parts would normally generate friction and heat, and that would cause your engine to break down. Nobody wants that, and that's where the engine oil comes in. Engine oil carries heat away from the moving parts, letting them run smoothly. The problem is that all that heat has to go somewhere. Rather than breaking down your engine, it begins to break down your oil instead. As time goes by, your oil starts to do its job less and less effectively. If ignored for too long, it can even begin to form a sludge, and clog up your engine. Fortunately, changing your oil is easy. It's also a lot easier (not to mention cheaper) than changing your engine! Simply schedule an appointment with our service center. We'll have you in and out in no time, and your Ford will be purring like a kitten. At Inskeep Ford, we're here to help you keep your Ford running for many years to come.

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