Today's Ford Vehicles Continue the Legacy of Its Creator

On June 4, 1896, Henry Ford completed his first car, which was built by hand and named The Quadricycle. This vehicle had a 2-cylinder engine that needed pure ethanol as a fuel source and could get up to 20 miles per hour. While this is tame by today's standards, it has certainly proven that the brand has always been ready to take the world by storm. This first automobile was such a big deal, that Ford's current employer, Thomas Edison, encouraged him to build more, thus prompting him to leave the Edison Company in 1899.

It's hard to imagine that 122 years ago things were so different, especially when you imagine driving in a Ford Mustang around Greenfield, IN. We know that getting up to up to 20 mph was considered ground-breaking back then, we wonder what will happen in another 120 years. Ford sold his first car for a whopping $200, which is the equivalent to around $5,000 today, according to an inflation calculator. Drivers in Indianapolis are thankful for this because Ford used the money to build his second car, which only helped the brand grow and prosper, furthering his business to eventually become what we know it as today.

We encourage our New Castle, IN, and Shelbyville, IN, customers to visit us for attest drive of the latest Ford models and tell us what you think of the first ever Ford Car.

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