Ford Trucks Are Tough, Durable, & Dependable

You know that if you want to get the job done, you go to our dealership in Greenfield, IN, for our selection of Ford Trucks. You know that you can count on us to provide you with the support of a Ford F-150 or Ford F-250 because we specialize in this and know how well these models withstand the torture of a heavy load. Most trucks cannot compare, and here are our top five reasons the Ford truck lineup is worth checking out.

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Today's Ford Vehicles Continue the Legacy of Its Creator

On June 4, 1896, Henry Ford completed his first car, which was built by hand and named The Quadricycle. This vehicle had a 2-cylinder engine that needed pure ethanol as a fuel source and could get up to 20 miles per hour. While this is tame by today's standards, it has certainly proven that the brand has always been ready to take the world by storm. This first automobile was such a big deal, that Ford's current employer, Thomas Edison, encouraged him to build more, thus prompting him to leave the Edison Company in 1899.

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Start your summer off right with a new Ford from Inskeep Ford

A summer full of memorable road trips and sunny weather sounds pretty ideal to us here at Inskeep Ford. If you're from the Greenfield, IN area and you're feeling the excitement for the start of summer fun, we'd love to help you take it to even more thrilling heights with a new and capable Ford model. Just imagine how many more places you can travel to comfortably, easily and safely with a new Ford car, truck, SUV or crossover from our dealership.


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